Spirits are high at CCCHS this week


At a pep rally before the annual Coffee Pot, the cheerleaders, Raiderette dance team, and CCCHS band get the students at CCCHS hyped up before the big game against their rivals, the Tullahoma Wildcats.

Anna Claire Willmore, News Editor

As the annual Coffee Pot draws ever nearer, it is evident that students at CCCHS are more than excited about the upcoming game against the Tullahoma Wildcats on Friday Aug. 26. Throughout the week, students and staff members have been allowed to participate in dress-up days to show off their school spirit!

On Messy Monday, students could participate by wearing their comfiest sweatpants, coziest crewnecks, and baggiest tee shirts. Few teachers joined in with the relaxed revelry; however, a large majority of students did, loving every minute of their slouchy shenanigans.

Team Tuesday had spirits high with students and teachers alike dressing up in their favorite sports team attire!  From avid Tennessee Volunteers fans to Atlanta Braves enthusiasts, there is plenty of spirit to go around here at CCCHS!

On Way-Back Wednesday, CCCHS honored 100 years of Coffee County football in a very comical manner: dressing as though you are 100 years old! With silver hair, reading glasses, moomoos, canes, suspenders, and more, students and staff could take a blast to the past and become everyone’s favorite senior citizens! 

Though many students took part in Wednesday’s festivities, several did not.  However, Elise Payne, junior, admits, “It’s super fun, even if you don’t participate!”

The theme, Country vs. Country Club, on Thursday was an absolute hit at CCCHS! Students of all grades and staff from all corners of the building contributed by dressing in either their Sunday best or like they’re from the wild, wild west! From cowboy hats, flare jeans, and flannels to argyle cardigans, khakis, and tennis skirts, Coffee County seriously took the phrase ‘dress to impress’ to the next level!

Finally, Friday arrived, many of the hearts of the inhabitants of CCCHS aflame with more school spirit and anticipation than ever for the big Coffee Pot game! What better way to show off our Coffee County pride than wearing red and black, the CCCHS school colors? Students and staff everywhere dressed to support the CCCHS football, dance, and cheer teams before their big game against our infamous rivals, the Tullahoma Wildcats!