The results are in! Your Sophomore Representatives are….


This is an example of a poster made by one of the candidates, Jonathan Williams.

Alyssa Brannon, Student Life Editor

Student Government is a group of students that are in charge of managing a wide range of events, activities, programs, policies, and initiatives around school. Here at CCCHS, many students put a lot of effort into their campaigns in many ways.

16 students were candidates for Sophomore Representatives. The first eight candidates were Rylee Clark, Maribel Flores, Denzel Galindo, Derek Green, Elsie Lazalier, Kymanie Louis, Addison McCullough, and Ava McIntosh. 

The next eight candidates were Kailee Merriman, Elizabeth Rowell, Rileigh Russell, Addi Sartain, Gabbie Shortt, Madison Smotherman, Leah Kate Sullivan, and Jonathon Williams. Everyone of these  sophomores did their best to get others to vote for them.                                                                                                                                    

At the end of the campaign, the 5 sophomore representatives are Mallory Rogers, Rylee Clark, Derek Green, Ava McIntosh, and Addi Sartain. When asked why he decided to join Student Government, Green responded, “I joined it mostly to be more involved with school events and to help more in the community.”