Flu Season: Here are five ways to protect yourself and others from the flu


Illnesses such as the flu have people distressed at home with body-aches, a fever, and a cough.

Grace Mejia-Aveledo, General Staff Reporter

As we all know, illnesses are spreading as the cold season approaches. The flu is just one of this season’s most frequent diseases, which at times can be deadly to some. In consideration of this, here are some precautions you can utilize to protect yourself from contamination.

Wash your hands

To begin, this is a common method that you have probably already know. Always wash your hands. The majority of illnesses, including the flu and others, can be spread by merely touching anything that has been contaminated by another person.

It would probably be best for you to thoroughly wash your hands the next time you are seated beside a friend that has symptoms and you accidentally touch their phone or even their table.

Distance yourself

Another one of the finest ways to steer clear of the flu is to avoid direct contact with someone you know is ill. Likewise, if you are sick, try to stay at home if at all possible.

When your health or the health of others is in jeopardy, it is perfectly fine to miss class or work. When you are unwell, your primary concern should be your own health.

Cover your mouth

It is not only polite to cover your mouth when you’re going to sneeze or cough, but also very important for the health of others if you’re not feeling well. Avoid covering your mouth with your hands, though; doing so undermines the entire point of washing your hands!

Assuming that there are no tissues handy and you sense a cough or sneeze coming on, try aiming for the inside of your elbow. In this scenario, it is less probable that the germs will spread widely.

When someone sneezes or coughs, it can travel approximately up to six feet. This is one of the key causes of the flu’s spread.

Don’t touch your face

After you’ve washed your hands, you probably believe that your hands are the cleanest around. However, research has shown that even the healthiest hands can still contain bacteria.

If you touch your face for a brief second, bacteria can transfer from the palm of your hands to your face in that moment because of how quickly germs can spread. All of these could cause you to contract other illnesses in addition to the flu. 


It is strongly advised that you receive the flu shot if you have access to one. Even though it doesn’t always eliminate the flu, it can at least decrease its effects on you.

The goal everyone should strive for is being healthy this season. You would not want to get you or your loved ones sick, so try to stay clear of sicknesses and do what you need to keep your health a priority.