Officials are investigating the deliberate poisoning of schoolgirls in Iran this week


Abedin Taherkenareh

Countless Iranian women have been the victims of a series of mysterious and intentional attacks.

Anna Claire Willmore, News Editor

Over the past several decades, it has become international knowledge that the women and girls of multiple Middle Eastern countries are the targets of severe, brutal discrimination and abuse as they fight to gain equal rights.

In Iran, it has been brought to light that hundreds of women and girls have been intentionally poisoned.  According to several sources, it seems the attacks have been an attempt to prevent the females of Iran from receiving an education and further protesting their rights.

Although the information about these poisonings only went public recently, local media reports suggest the assault of Iranian women has been going on for months.

The exact toxic chemical compound that is causing the Iranian women harm has not yet been identified; however, there is a committee that has been tasked with closely examining the poison.  Deputy Health Minister Younes Panahi released a statement on Sunday, Feb. 26 explaining that toxicology experts have been notified and consulted on the ever-growing problem.

These poisonings have involved schools all across the Iranian nation. Due to dreadful symptoms, including lethargy, many schoolgirls have had to be hospitalized, preventing them from going to school. This is precisely what the aggressors want.

These women–teenagers and young adults, mostly–are and have been the faces of the protests against the sexist, patriarchal views of Iranian terrorist groups for many years. They have displayed their blatant disapproval of these strict rules and values through peaceful protests, the removal of their hijabs or headscarves, and alerting authorities. Because of their valiance in the face of this continuous oppression, they have been constantly targeted by militant Iranians.

Many Iranian women’s rights activists have taken to social media to express their concerns for the women of Iran and their exasperation toward those harming them. Twitter user, journalist, and activist Masih Alinejad elaborated upon her obvious vexation toward the situation, “The poisoning of school girls is revenge by the terrorist Iranian regime against brave women that made the compulsory hijab the flag, and shook the Berlin wall of Khomeini.”