Here’s all you need to know about “Outer Banks” on Netflix!



Netflix’s “Outer Banks” has enough twists and turns to keep its viewers glued to the screen.

Alyssa Brannon, Student Life Editor

Warning: This Article Contains Spoilers

“Outer Banks” is set in a coastal town along the outer banks of North Carolina, where there is a stark social divide between wealthy seasonal residents and working-class locals. Both of these groups have names: the Kooks and Pogues.

In season one, we met all of the characters that make up this wonderful show. The main “Kooks” are Sarah Cameron, Rafe Cameron, Ward Cameron, Topper Thornton, and Kelce, and the main “Pogues” are John B, Pope Heyward, JJ Maybank, and Kiara Carrera. 

The show follows the group of Pogue teenagers who live at The Cut, who are determined to find out what happened to the missing father of the group’s ringleader, John B. While trying to figure out what happened to his father, they accidentally come across a boat that will lead them into exciting, and terrifying, adventures. 

The first season mainly focuses on The Royal Merchant. The Royal Merchant is said to have been one of the most famous shipwrecks that happened in the 1800’s. It was carrying 400 million dollars worth of gold. 

After a few hundred years, no one knew if or where the gold had been hidden. Big John, John B’s father, had dedicated his life to finding treasures and left to try and find it. He never came back; while the sheriffs pawned it off as a death, John B still had hope that he was still out there. The Royal Merchant is based off a real ship known as the Merchant Royal. 

The second season focuses on another treasure, an even bigger one: The Cross of Santo Domingo. The Pogues discovered the existence of this treasure in season one, but it was continued into season two. It is an even more valuable artifact that was aboard the Royal Merchant when it sank. 

The cross was a gift from New Spain to the Spanish King, and it is thought to have been lost off the coast of Bermuda in 1829. At the end of season two, we see the Pogues deserted on an island, and they make it their new “home” called Poguelandia. 

The third season then focuses on El Dorado, the city of gold. In the second season we find out John B’s father is alive, and he is also on the hunt for El Dorado. A lot of twists, turns, and amazing, tearful scenes are in season three. 

Now that you have the synopsis, go check out “Outer Banks” on Netflix!