Taylor Swift’s stuns fans with a true “Midnight Rain” performance in Nashville



Despite the rain, Taylor Swift never fails to give fans a beautiful performance.

Lili Stetler, Opinion Editorial Editor

There is no mistaking that Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” is her most popular one yet. News articles and social media are constantly updating and raving about the artist’s three-hour performances every weekend. However, the final night of Swift’s Nashville shows was unlike any other so far.

Swift’s Friday and Saturday night performances in her hometown went off without a hitch, breaking the attendance record for Nissan Stadium both nights. Sunday night also had record breaking attendance, but took a turn due to weather. 

At approximately 6 p.m. on Sunday night, Nissan Stadium announced a lightning advisory that directed everyone into the concourse of the arena until the thunderstorms passed. Many Swifties, including myself, expected it to be a short delay, but it turned out to be four hours of standing in an over-crowded concourse. 

Nonetheless, the concert still went on, but there was no time for openers due to the show starting at 10:15 p.m..  In true Swift fashion, the singer did not hold back in her performance even in the pouring rain. In between songs while speaking to the crowd Swift made a joke stating, “We are all going to leave here looking like we went through five car washes…”

While other performers may have shied away from the rain, Swifites know that Taylor Swift rain shows are some of the best. For me, it was completely cathartic to scream “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” in the pouring rain with over 60,000 other Swifties.

The crowd on Sunday night really got to meet Swift at midnight, and hear her sing her hit “Midnight Rain” in a cascade of  rain at 1 a.m.. Swifties on social media share that the show was magical and completely worth the wait, despite many not getting home until 3 a.m..

Being the first rain show of the tour, it will be hard for the artist to top her performance on Sunday, May 7. As Swift said, “Nashville, it’s officially a rain show!”