Threatening images of Nazi swastikas and Adolf Hitler have been located at Stanford University this week


David Madison/Getty Images

Investigators delve into a mystery at Stanford University after disturbing pictures are found on the door of a Jewish student.

Anna Claire Willmore, News Editor

In the past week, Stanford University in California has recently been censuring a series of antisemitic incidents within its own campus.  

According to several sources, unnerving depictions of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi swastika have been discovered in various places, including on the door to a Jewish pupil’s dormitory.  

The Stanford administration referred to the deliberate disturbances as a “brazen threat to an individual student.”  They also explained that the public safety department at Stanford is now conducting investigations pertaining to the completely out-of-pocket hate crime at this time.

Approximately a week prior to the dormitory door incident, perturbing messages and images were found vandalizing a men’s restroom wall.  The mysterious carvings were of a swastika with ‘KKK’ repeatedly emblazoned around it.  

Similarly, in a separate restroom at the university, more antisemitic and racist words and markings, including slurs and more swastikas, were discovered roughly two weeks before word of the missives on the Jewish student’s threshold surfaced.  

It is very likely that the same culprit has carried out all three of these hate crimes.

In a statement made by the school, Stanford University explained, “Vandalizing property particularly with words intended to threaten and intimidate individuals (specifically in this case Black and Jewish communities) is contrary to Stanford’s values.  It is absolutely unacceptable in our community.”

Unfortunately, the perpetrator for these discriminatory hate crimes has not yet been identified.  However, in a letter addressed to all those enrolled at Stanford University, the administration urged students to please contact public safety immediately if they have any information concerning the aggressor or aggressors.