Learn to Enjoy Your Own Company


Teens should learn to go out alone and enjoy their own company.

Kushi Zaver, Op-Ed Editor

Over the past couple of months I have realized that most teenagers are afraid to be alone. This fear spans from going to a store alone to even going to the bathroom alone.

Most people can see that this fear is quite unnecessary, but it can stem from a constant anxiety that most teenagers feel: loneliness or abandonment. 

A majority of teenagers often feel insecure; going out in public alone or even seeing a group of friends from school can make them feel isolated, but simply being alone does not actually reflect a person or his or her social life.

I wanted to try an experiment where I put myself in an uncomfortable position to see what the actual repercussions would be. I wanted to challenge myself to gain some confidence and just see what happens.

So, I went out to a restaurant by myself, and it was quite the experience. For context, I went to Yamato’s Japanese Steakhouse in Tullahoma, Tennessee, on a weekday around four o’clock. It was definitely not their busiest time, but it was not deserted. 

I pulled into the parking lot, my car bumping all about because of their rough parking lot, and it was almost completely empty. This made me feel at ease going in. 

I stalled for a couple of minutes trying to build my confidence, and then I opened the door and walked into the restaurant.

The hostess greeted me and said, “Table for one?” She seemed slightly confused but not judgmental, so I was fine. Then disaster struck, the floor was like an oil slick, and I almost fell. Even the people at the tables around me asked if I was okay; I was mortified.

I sat down ordered water and vegetable hibachi and watched Netflix while I waited, and when my food came I ate and watched videos. Eventually I was done and I left. 

What I have taken away from this entire experience is that the fear and judgement is more in your head than in other peoples; honestly, nobody really cared that I was there eating alone because they were busy with their own conversations. 

It was slightly awkward at first, but I would say it was an eight out of ten, and I would recommend it if you are really craving a hot meal but have nobody to go with.

If you are nervous about going all out, then go to a coffee shop like Starbucks or The Celtic Cup first and see how you feel; these places have seating for groups and for people who just need time alone.

Time alone is important so people can find space to relax and recharge. If more and more people were willing to try going out by themselves, then eventually it would be a normal thing and nobody would have to be nervous about it.

I was mostly scared that people were going to judge me and think that I was odd or had no friends. Afterwards, I realized it was not bad at all and that made me feel better overall.

If you want to do this, do it. It might make you nervous at first, but it won’t kill you; it could even help you build your confidence. If you have done this or want to, let me know in the comments.