Motlow and CCCHS provide students with challenging classes


Motlow’s platform, D2L, allows students to easily access their classes.

Shelby Watkins, Editor-in-Chief

At Coffee County Central High School, students are offered a variety of classes to not only get credit for high school, but for college as well.

The dual enrollment program, led by Mrs. Carney, gives students a chance to take classes taught at the school, such as English and history, or online classes on Motlow’s D2L platform.

Students are allowed to take a variety of online classes from art history to sociology. Each student can take two Motlow classes a year, with a limit of four free classes.

At CCCHS, students have a designated class period during the day to work on their online classes, but many still have to spend time at home working on their assignments.

Still, Motlow’s platform allows high school students to participate in challenging courses and learn how to navigate online classes.

Therefore, online classes offer students the ability to earn their college credit in a more independent way. 

Independent is the keyword, however. Students are required to email their professors, keep up with their assignments, understand the content, and take care of any issues that arise.

Of course, CCCHS students have a monitor in their class period as well as Mrs. Carney, but a majority of the responsibility lies on the student keeping up with their class.

To continue, any technical issues or trouble understanding the content is the responsibility of the student. While some professors offer lots of communication and lectures, other professors just assign work and ask students to read the textbook.

Still, there are also many benefits to online classes: work can be done ahead of time, students can earn extra achievement points at CCCHS, and students earn college credit for free or relatively cheap.

Online classes also help students who need courses for college that are not offered at the high school. 

Each student learns differently, but a student who can learn from afar would benefit tremendously from these classes.

Online classes can be difficult or tedious, but the work is ultimately worth it for the benefits of a college course. All in all, online Motlow courses are the way to go for independent or hardworking students.