Raider Creators paints a canvas of creativity and teamwork


Alexa Morse

All it takes is some grit and some paint to get the job done.

Garrett Masters, Arts and Entertainment Editor

With another musical done and in the books, it’s nice knowing that there are people working hard behind the scenes to make it all come together. And those people are the Raider Creators!

Theatre often can be stressful and crunched for time. However, the Raider Creators work hard both during and after school to ensure the sets are created, painted and ready for the stage! 

As a club, Raider Creators specializes in set design, painting, and construction. Through this, it has become an outlet for those who want to get into theatre and fine arts, but don’t know where to begin. 

Mrs. Vacek, club sponsor and regulator, was very optimistic about the amount of participation that came out of the production of the latest faculty show “Lucky Stiff.” 

“I’m really optimistic about growing it and getting the word out there about what it is,” she said. 

“We had so many people. A lot of sophomores coming in or juniors and seniors that didn’t know about it last year.” 

It wasn’t just individual students who helped. Whole clubs provided people who were willing to help work hard to get the sets ready for opening night. 

Such is the case with the school’s very own JROTC organization, whose extra people lended many a skillful hand when it came to the painting. 

When asked about what it was like working for the club,  senior and JROTC member Maddie Martinez stated:  “The job is easy. The tasks are hard. Getting to the finish line is hard.” 

Conclusively, through the combined grit and hardwork of everyone who helped “Lucky Stiff” come together, Raider Creators has proved to be a very hands-on and productive club. 

Many more creative opportunities will arrive in the future. And the Raider Creators will be there to answer the call!