Red Raider Band Competes Among Champions


Experiences turn into memories. And memories live on far after the event does.

Garrett Masters, Arts and Entertainment Editor

On October 23th 2021, the CCCHS Red Raider Band had the privilege and honor to attend one of the most prestigious band competitions that any band kid would be excited for: Middle Tennessee State University’s 58th annual Contest of Champions (COC.)

For many among the band, COC holds this legendary reputation. For newcomers, it’s the larger than life place where the best of the best perform. For veterans, it’s a place to make an impression on both rival schools as well as their very own team. This expectation creates a revered reputation. 

Going into the Contest, the Red Raider Band had an overall pretty good season. This year, the Band performed “Summer Of Love 1967,” a love letter to the hippie movement and 60’s culture. Directed by Luke Simpson and Chase King, the line up includes songs like”Aquarius,” and “Turn! Turn! Turn!” 

Needless to say, the anticipation was high for the event. An energy surrounded it all. For many, this would be the last high school Competition they would ever do. For others, however, this was only the beginning. 

Walking into those pearly gates of the stadium, there, hung for all to see, was a banner. Displayed; high and proud. Through these gates, the banner stayed- declaring: 

“Through These Gates Pass The Best Bands In The World.” 

The stage was set. And the competition began. And the Red Raiders gave it their all! 

When reflecting on the events of COC, Junior drum major Mariana Stein had this say:

“Let me just say, no matter the numbers the judges gave us (today,) we put up one heck of a fight this season.” 

Through all the ups and downs, the football games and competitions, through all the stress, but also celebration and fun, the Red Raider Band ran the gambit this season. They kept fighting the good fight, one which both delighted and excited. 

With both Concert and Winter Guard season just around the corner, only time will tell how far this band will march on.