The school lunch from the cafeteria is served with love


Sara Mejia throws away her empty water bottle in the school’s trash can.

Grace Mejia-Aveledo, General Staff Reporter

Many kids in this day and age believe that school lunch is nasty and not worth eating, but a few students disagree with this. Some students say that there’s a wide variety of options, so if you do not like something, you do not have to eat it. 

Sara Mejia, a Junior from CCCHS, said in an interview, “They do have a salad which is good for vegetarians and vegans.” Mejia, among others, believes that our school’s lunch is inclusive to those who do not eat certain foods. 

Schools should always have options instead of sticking to one specific meal for everyone, and CCCHS does exactly that.

Mejia also stated that she believes that the food served is nutritional and healthy. Students should be able to get the nutrients that they need at school. If some students are not able to eat a good, nutritional meal outside of school, at least they can at CCCHS.

Although some may disagree with this statement, Senior Holden Shew says, “The food looks pretty appetizing.” Shew also says that it is pretty good most of the days for him.

Junior Isabella Mejia-Aveledo says her favorite meal to get when she eats school lunch is their personal pizzas. Plenty of others agree with her. Shew claimed in an interview that his favorite meal that is given at the school are their chicken nuggets.

The preparation that goes into each student’s meal plays a big role. Senior Ashlyn Edsall also believes that the food is pretty good most days, but she thinks that the effort put into meals has an impact. 

Edsall commented that it being made with positivity makes the food much better. The effort and hard work the lunch ladies at CCCHS put into the food just makes it more enjoyable. 

Brenda Sissoms, the Kitchen Manager of CCCHS, also believes that the effort the ladies put into the lunch does have an impact.

Tons of students take one thing out of their plate and throw the rest away, and do not realize that they are wasting food. Sissoms admitted that it makes her a little upset when students waste food. She announced, “My first order this year was $25,000 and that was just for the food.”

All that money goes into feeding the students in CCCHS, and approximately half of that money goes to waste from all the food that gets thrown out.

It’s very disappointing because the women work very hard to make these meals. For them to see one thing taken out of the meal and the rest in the trash must be upsetting.

The students who are quick to judge school lunches should give it a try. Maybe they will realize it is not as bad as it is deemed to be.