Touchdown Tuesday for the Tackle


Aryana Hamrick

Mr. Costello {Left}, Coach Mac {Left Center}, Coach Gun {Right Center}, Mrs. Stewart {Right}

Aryana Hamrick, Lifestyles and Entertainment Editor

Coffee County Central High School students and teachers challenged Touchdown Tuesday on August 21, 2018, and crushed it. After annihilating Meme Monday, the student body once again soared in Spirit Week activities. Mrs. Stewart, a big U.T. fan, represented former student Alontae Taylor with his signature number six jersey. Student Madison Vaughn also represented Coffee County with a pink out jersey from a former player, Luke Barger. Examples of the participants are below.

Madison Vaughn
Courtney Gravely
Mrs. Carney
Daylan Todd
Braeden Massicotte
Mrs. Morris
Dakota Bowen {Left}, Claudia Moon {Right}
Shannah Frame {Left}, Alissa Sparkman {Right}


Christa Peardon {Left}, Allie Robinson {Right}
Parker Hudson {Left}, Darius Rozier {Center}, Andrew Wright {Right}
Madison Cox {Left}, Noah Amonette {Center}, Colleen Wainright {Right}
Tanner Brisbane {Left}, George Gannon {Left Center}, Jackson Kelly {Right Center}, Paker Hudson {Right}
Kathryn Welch {Left}, Aubrie Holder {Right}