Apple releases the iPhone 237.2


Older models, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, are obsolete compare to the iPhone 237.2.

Lindsey Landrum, Co-Editor-in-Chief and Humor Writer

Apple has recently released its latest project: the iPhone 237.2. With a plethora of new features that are suspiciously close to the old ones, users are, at the very least, moderately interested.

The iPhone 237.2 has been adorned with a feature that competing devices have yet to achieve. This feature is none other than its color variety.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, commented, “The color options for the new iPhone will be an exciting way to add a little spice to the typical design. Instead of the boring examples of red, black, and blue, the iPhone 237.2 will come in dark pink, squid ink, and misty ocean.”

The tens of devoted Apple users across the country have been raving about these color choices.

The new iPhone will also include a total of 17 cameras.

Cook stated, “I mean, sure, we could have spent the money that we had from this project on storage capabilities or functionality, but we had to ask: what do the people really want? And the answer was cameras. They want cameras.”

Supposedly, the increased amount of camera lenses will allow for 360-degree photos. 

However, Apple does not plan to make these photos compatible with the typical photos app. Users will have to buy a viewing lense, which will be sold separately.

At his most recent keynote, Cook explained, “The iPhone 237.2 has to be my favorite model yet. This time, we have successfully removed every hole from the phone, which has to make it better in some way.”

Cook did not elaborate on his reasoning for removing the charging hole, earbud hole, and speaker holes from the phone; however, he did note that users could buy a wireless charging port and a set of Apple AirPods for increased functionality.

Well, the fact is, you’ll need to buy several separate devices in order to interact with this cellphone at all, but if you’re a real American, you’ll just have to deal with it like our forefathers endured wars and countless terror threats. There’s no difference, really.

Adamant Apple supporter Gary Smalls commented, “There’s no way on this earth that I’d every purchase a cellular device from those dirty Samsung people. I don’t care if their functions are fundamentally the same and that they offer a variety of features. What matters is that I got that shiny apple logo on the back of my device.”

Overall, consumer feedback for the iPhone 237.2 has been mostly somewhat decent, with several customers finding at least one feature that they thought was, for the most part, adequate.