The Humans of Coffee County: Jessica Parnham


Senior Jessica Parnham recounts a New Year's Eve fiasco from her childhood.

Kathryn Welch, Arts Editor

“New Year’s Eve, I was in like fourth grade, I think, and I went to a birthday party for one of my friends at our church. We were showing off our gymnastic skills. I did a one handed cartwheel and it broke my thumb. So I walked up to my mom; I wasn’t crying which was surprising, my thumb is like 45° from where it’s supposed to be and I say, ‘Mom I think I broke my thumb.’ She starts freaking out, so I start crying. We rush to the hospital to take care of the thumb stuff. Then we come back to our house and have our New Year’s Eve party with the girl the birthday party was for and her cousin. We are all playing games when one of the boys at the party decides to shoot at us with a Nerf gun. So then we all went inside and got Nerf guns, and of course I chose the one that was as big as me. So then I’m trying to shoot at everyone as best as I can with only one hand. I turn around to say something to my brother and end up smacking him in the face with the huge Nerf gun, causing him to fall down and knock down everyone else behind him. We rang in the New Year with several bruises and a broken thumb. It was a mess.”