Chick-fil-a leadership has made its move into CCCHS

Alexa Morse, News Editor

The Chick-fil-a Leadership Academy has kicked off for the year.

 It is a newer organization at CCCHS.

The club searched for the sophomores and juniors that showed the best leadership qualities and enthusiasm in being a good representative of CCCHS. All students considered for the organization were nominated by teachers.

English teacher, Lacey Brown, sponsors the group.

She stated that she was inclined to lead the group after she returned and read up on the organization and thought it would bring something great to the school.

Brown stated that the first big project of the year will be the “Do Good December.” 

What the project will include has not yet been set in stone, but students have brainstormed the idea of delivering “mental health packages,” hosting a Christmas festival, and volunteering at local senior living facilities.

Sophomore and Academy member, Erin Maccagnone, is most excited for the project.

“I like helping people and especially doing food drives or giving back to people in need around the holidays,” stated Maccagnone.

Maccagnone is all around hoping that something good will come out of the club.

“To help with our service projects, we will be selling class shirts as a fundraiser,” stated Brown.

She goes on to say that each grade will have their own color, and she would love it if everyone would wear it for pep rallies, Spirit days, and more.

An email will be sent out with information on the fundraiser.

The organization has made their move onto social media and can be found on instagram at @chs_cfaleaderacademy.

On this account, posts about their service projects and leader labs can be found.