Zoë Mills has taken Coffee County by storm with her newfound passion for photography


Zoë Mills

Zoë Mills takes a gorgeous picture as a part of her new business.

Makenna Orrick, Feature Editor

The senior at Coffee County Central High School has created a booming business in the span of just a month.

Mills advertises herself as an affordable local portrait and event photographer. Her photography Instagram handle @zoemills has caught the attention of fellow classmates as well as local college students.

Patrica Barrera, a regular customer of Mills, states “My experience while doing photoshoots with Zoë is always fun! We love to talk about new ideas of what she can do and I do my best to let everyone know that they should reach out to her for their pictures.”

Mills remarked, I’m super new to all of this, so just gaining a larger reputation or being more out there would be great. Taking pictures for people from school is fun, but it would be really cool to start doing events or larger scale things.”

Mills’ most common shoots include senior portraits, sports/club portraits, couple/friend and birthday shoots. 

Mills has made juggling high school, cross country and photography look easy!

“My favorite part about creating a business is being able to profit off of a job I love. Like, how many people can really say that? It’s pretty cool!”Mills has made a name for herself throughout middle Tennessee and has successfully watched her business grow. To book a photoshoot of your own contact her at Zoemillsphoto.