A journey through the class of 2021’s high school career


The class of 2021 participated in the annual “senior dress-up day” on the first day of school.

Nic Watkins, Sports Editor

Seniors are nearing the end of their high school experience as the final days are nearing; so, what will these students miss as they go to the next aspects of their lives?

As seniors go into college, the military, or towards the workforce, the memories they made in high school will go down as some of the best times of their life.  

From the nervousness of the first day of freshman year until the last minute when you are picking up a diploma, high school has offered something for every student. 

Freshman year was the start of a new journey where field trips such as Lake Winnepesaukah and The Chattanooga Aquarium highlighted the year for the science classes. 

The Raider Academy offered many different courses called CTE classes which stands for Career and Technical Education so students could attempt to find a job to suit their life. 

For many students, this was their first year of foreign language where they learned their months, days, and many everyday sayings in Spanish.

Freshman year held some of the best memories, but also gave students an opening towards their futures. 

Sophomore year brought many changes as well. Many students took this year as the last year they would play Junior Varsity sports before taking the next step towards Varsity. 

For students in Marketing, it gave these students the opportunity to go to New York City and explore the different businesses and markets in New York.

Sophomore year was similar to freshman year as it was a building block towards a broader education but had not opened students up to the real world yet. 

This was the year where students would start to take various Dual Enrollment (DE) or Advanced Placement (AP) classes to get college credit at an early age. 

As seen by many, junior year was a struggle for a strong amount of students. On top of this, COVID-19 canceled the hardest year for this year’s graduating students as it left many feeling lost in school and wondering what steps would follow the pandemic. 

Junior year to most was a time of staying up way too late and procrastinating assignments until the last possible moment.

This year, for many, will be remembered as a year cut short by COVID-19 and the impact that the virus had on families and friends during this time.

Senior year is finally here for the Class of 2021 after years of hard work, from the basics of the ABCs to the diverse lessons of CTE and college classes.

Some of the highlights of this strange year include finally being allowed to hang out with friends after months of isolation.

As of recent, we got to go to prom, which was one of the events students missed out on last year. Being able to be close to friends, eat with friends, and have parties after felt unrealistic after the past year. 

Our seniors are moving towards their future: whether that be a college or joining the workforce or enlisting in the military. 

As our childhood gets pushed aside by these new projects, the lessons, memories, and future that high school offered students should not be taken for granted.